Saturday, December 5, 2015

2016 Lecture on Romans

Intro and Review - Randy Martin - What is the theme of Romans? - What were the lessons from last year?

Romans 3 - Alan Cantrell - How is it that none are worse or better than others? - Was Luther right when adding “alone” to 3:28's concept of faith?

Romans 8:1-17 - Christopher Graber - What is walking in the Spirit? - How does the Spirit dwell in us?

Romans 8:17-39 - Garret Derouin - How will the creation be set free? - How does God predestine and cause all things to work for the good?

Romans 9 - Dan Mayfield - How is God just when choosing vessels for wrath or mercy? - Who is true Israel?

Romans 10 - Blake O'Quin - Is having a zeal for God enough? - What is the role of the mouth and heart in salvation?

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