Friday, December 12, 2014


Lecture update. Brother Corey Sawyers will speak this year at the lecture. He has graciously agreed to take a spot that came open a week ago. I'm sorry Brother McCollum had to drop out due to illness, and we will pray for his health to return, but we are also excited that God has provided a wonderful replacement. Put April 25 on your calendar to be here in Owatonna, MN for the 12th Minnesota Bible lecture.

Since the Epistle to the Romans is about Justification through Faith in Christ, all lectures below should incorporate this theme as a backdrop in each individual lesson.

Lecture on Romans, Part 1 in 2015…
Ch 1, The Good News: Accepted and Rejected, Joshua Sampson
Ch 2, God: Lawgiver and Judge, Randy Martin
Ch 4, Children of Abraham, David Shearer
Ch 5, Two Men: Sin and a Sacrifice, Matt Glawe
Ch 6, Consequences of Sin, Corey Sawyers
Ch 7, Freedom in Jesus, Chris Shofner

Lecture on Romans, Part 2, 2016, or 2017 
Ch 8, New Life in Christ
Ch 10, Faith Comes by Hearing 
Chs 9/11, Behold, the Kindness and Severity of God
Ch 12, Be Transformed
Ch 13, Government: A Minister of God
Ch 14, Opinions [including 15:1-6, which definitely ends the series on a high note]


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